Tuesday, March 24, 2009


remember that crazy girl I was telling you about a few posts ago? Well, I ended up going over to her house one day before work and.....ugh................I DUNNNNNOOO. Shes the same ol' girl. Nothing changed. I don't think I expected it too though. I think I thought that maybe I would just have enough patience this time to "stand" her for longer ?? NOT a good way to go back into a friendship and maybe I should of took that as clue #1.

Her house was TRASHED. Like ewwww dirrrrrtty. Shit everywhere. Old pizza boxes, Silvermine Subs wrappers laying on the living room floor from 2 weeks ago, FULL nasty ashtrays (even one resting on the back of the toilet in the bathroom- so she can smoke and piss at the same time I guess...ew). Her body looked skinnier than ever too. A sure sign that she is still doing lots of drugs at work everyday.

So I drove her to work on my way in bc our clubs are literally 1 block away from each others. She hugged me when she got out of the car and said "Thanks again and it was really good seeing you again" ............

At about 2 am that night when I was getting dressed to go home after a long night at work, my phone started ringing and it was her. Probably wanting a ride home. I didn't answer because somewhere inside I knew it was a bad idea to even reconnect with her in the first place. Plus one of my very good friends was like "i dunno Natalie, i think you should just leave it alone. You are better off without her" Shes right. Completely right.

So about 3 days went by and I didn't call her back or text her or anything. Well today I got a myspace message from her that said "I never heard back from you- gimme a call or something" and instantly I feel this gross anxiety. I do not wanna call her back. I wish so much that I wouldn't have even gotten back in touch with her ever in the first place!!!! ugh.

lol.....the shit i get myself into, i swear.......


  1. Just write back and say, "I think it would be best if we went our seperate ways."

  2. Just be honest, but not too honest, you don't know what she's capable of.. or maybe you do know what she's capable of.

    I'd just tell her you have other things going on, and if and when you become available, you'll get in touch.