Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day off Post

Me and some friends went bowling last Thursday, it was a freaking blast. I won the first game =) I encourage everyone to go bowling. Its a great way to let out some pent up aggression and huck a 9 lb. bowling ball down an alley. Sweet. I am on the far right =)

Work has been really great for me lately. I have been making good/decent money for the last 2 weeks and I have been feeling really great and energetic and sexy!

I avent been nervous or freaked out at all. So that tells me that I am capable and on those days when I do freak out- I shouldnt. go figure.

My home life is going great also. B and I have been having great sex and I have been performing amazing blow jobs (LOL YAY). =)

So my new favorite song in "Miles Away" by Madonna. Its an amazingly cool song and my club always plays the remix at work and its SICK! I LOVE IT! I was doing a dance when the remix played last night and normally I would be pissy because its a 6 minute song.....but not this time! I was in my own world just dancing and being sexy and singing along..hhaaa.....then at the end of the song when I came back down to the ground my customer said " You have a good singing voice" lol I said thank you but felt bad that maybe i hadnt paid as much attention to him as i shouldve .....but its not like i was singing every word LOUD. I was just singing along to the chorus underneath my breath. I think it was that my eyes were closed and i didnt chat with him during the dance that made him think i was crazy lol who cares Anyway- great song. Go Madonna!

Its my day off today (SUNDAY WOOOOT!!) So I am going to spoil my lover today.....I am making his favorite ham and potato soup with homeade garlic croutons on top :) So yummy. I have some leftover shredded chicken breast too so I was thinking of adding it to the soup but Im not sure....ham AND chicken? Kinda sounds weird but kinda sounds SOOOOOO good =)

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