Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life is a runaway train you can't wait to jump onnnnnn

I didnt get to bed until super late last night. and then I slept until 2pm. yay.

Work was good last night. I made almost 600 bucks! Yipppeeee =) It was snowing all night too so I thought for sure the club was doomed as everyone would want to stay home and out of the bad weather. But it was pretty busy and everyone was very nice to me and complimentry. It was nice! When it was time to leave people were saying that the roads were super icy and everyone should drive very carefuln (I drive an hour up the highway home). To my suprise the roads were completely fine!!!!! Leave it to Coloradoans to freak out over a little snow.

B was riding his 4x4 yesterday out in the feild and he melted the rubber on his pants to the hot pipe on the 4 wheeler....bummer. This morning we tried everything we had in the shed to get it off (including a heat gun) nothing was working so I called up the 4x4 shop and they suggested trying "Oven-Off". You know, oven cleaner..... so we got some, spray it on, and Voila! It wiped right off :) yay. Shiny new chrome pipe we just gotta get him some new pants :)

I am working again tonight and I hope it goes as well as last night....

Sorry that I never have any interesting stripper stories for ya'll. I guess when something weird happens I just try to forget about it and go on with my night in a good mood. I'll will try to keep my blog in mind though whenever anything weird happens hahaaa...

Oh wait!!!!!! I do have 1 semi-weird thing. I have this regular named S. He comes in every Friday and gives me cash and we hang out blah blhaaaa. So he hasnt been in in almost a month!! WTF. Anyway, yesterday he texted me that he was in Las Vegas. because he has a 2Hour fuck session planned with professional escort, Nikki Avalon. *grumble* Good for him, seeing as that I would NEVER fuck him and he knows it....but uggghhh don't tell me about your sordid affairs dude. I know he just tells me to get me jealous- but really all it does it FREAK ME OUT about him more. Hes a habitual escort/massage parlor visitor. A little sad, if u ask me :(

Till next time



  1. haha that is creepy that he tells you that! yay for making money though.. hopefully that will be me tonight!

    i know what youre saying about the coke/xanax, my conern with the xanax is the withdrawals. i've been taking them more frequently and a higher dose, so i have pretty much nonstop anxiety when i don't. tonight i will have a sober night! lol

  2. Whatever works for him. I'm kinda glad that Vegas has that sort of thing, that way when people come into a strip club they realize that we are just dancers and thats all thats going to come of it. I've gotten A LOT less people asking me to go home with them since the escort industry has become more open. We still get it sometimes and it's so annoying. It's like "dude I'm just going to dance for you. If you want something more open the phone book fucker."