Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank you 5 HTP

After my horrible anxiety the Friday night my friend gave me a 5 HTP pill. Its a natural mood enhancer you can buy at Walmart...She takes one @ 7 and it last her all night so thats what I did.

It definetly works. I have taken them before but its been a while. I was in a really great mood consistently all night with no alcohol!!! It was great! Tonight I will take another.....Drink water and eat with it bc it can give you a headache if you take too much or whatever... This pic above is a 100 mg but I think I took a 50 mg. (?) last night and it suited me just fine...
ANYWAY- it was SUPER crowded at work last night again. Abunch of asshole bachelor parties and lots of women last night! Drunk fun women :) So that was good. I ended up making only 250 bucks but...meh, Im happy.
When I woke up this morning B had made me breakfast !!! yay!! Eggs and bacon and potatoes :) And a big glass of ice cold chocolate milk. He spoils me!
My body is sooo sore so I may take an extra long hot bath before work tonight...and maybe a nap beforehand too..


  1. Just be careful! I heard that some of those natural enhancements can affect the effectiveness of birth control (the pill not other types). =) So be cautious because while your happiness is extremely important, you might not be TOO happy if you get preggers =P

  2. I love the 5htp! it helps with the re-uptake of serotonin.