Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So for the last two night I have tossed and turn aand woke up feeling like SHIT! I think its because I can feel a draft coming in the window right by my head when I sleep! Ack!

The worst part of not being able to breathe through your nose is that you must breathe through your mouth and i turn, my mouth is SOOOO dry. Ew! Not fun damnit.

Anyway, I have been pumped up on the Nyquil for a few days and I suppose I will take some more in a bit......ahhhhhhhh!!!


  1. Ugh mouth breathing. Reminds me of my whole life up till the nose job. :( No fun.

    As for the draft, go to Home Depot and buy that window plastic. It really does work. You just tape it around your window and blow dry it, and it keeps it warm and draft free. It's like shrink wrapping your window and its kind of fun.
    DO IT!

  2. Being sick sucks! Get well soon love! XOXO