Sunday, February 15, 2009


Finally! Geez....I was reeeeealllly starting to be down about my job. I was freaking out. Leave it to freaking Valentine's Day for it to redeem itself!!

I had a wonderful morning at home with my love and my animals. Then work was awesome! My hair was good tonight, I got lots of compliments on it. My outfit was completely adorable (My friend at KittenStitches from previous post), and it was just a great vibe!!

I even got mad at my DJ for a sec because I was doing Double Trouble (2 girls dance together) with another girl and each set he would announce her name but not mine!! Geez man, your job isnt that hard....just gets the names right and play the music.

I got over it though because my night was going so well that I only cared for half a second, then I coulda cared fucking less =)

I need to shower and get to bed though because B and I are going out for sunday breakfast in the morning! Yay!



  1. Thank god you got rid of those cupcakes. I always wanted to eat your blog.
    Mmmm frosting.

  2. good to see things are getting better :)