Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to work

I haven't worked in 2 weeks...and the last night I was there my boss was really pissed at me and sent me home early. Ugh. I am dreading going in tonight but I NEED the money and I can't just hide out in my house forever which is what I really want to do. Everyone has told me how shitty it has been in there so I am not happy about that either. And I am just not ready for all the girls and the music and the dorky old men and the rude obnoxious DJ and THE DRIVE (I drive 1 hour to work and another hour home at 3 am ugh)

I guess I should think about the things I am excited about : The dressing up part =) I love the hair and makeup and eyelashes and all of that. I don't wear anything when I am home because B prefers me with a naked face. But when I get the chance to glam up I really love it. Maybe I should take a pic tonight and post it on here? ANYWAY- I also am very excited to see the few particular girls that are my friends and I trust and they love me back. Mostly just V and P =) I am excited for the attention!!!!! I love when the guys stare at me like I am the sexiest thing they have ever seen- even though that's usually overshadowed by the cheesy song that's playing- and the lame 1 dollar tip he just gave me =( Most of all I will be happy to come home with some cash in my pocket $$$$$ I hope. Cross your fingers.

With all this said- I am not going to get myself all worked up and anxious. Mostly just anxious about the drive. It can be really long and nerve wracking driving down that highway at 6 o'clock in the evening on a Friday night. Luckily when I get off work at 3 am the drive will be super easy and fine since I will be the only one on the road. I am going to light a candle and do my makeup in my living room with my babe (who came home last night yipppee) and drink some hot tea.

Deep Breaths. No anxiety attacks.



  1. Why did you get sent home early? That majorly sucks! Mgmt can be such jerks sometimes. Good luck at work tonight angel! =) I gotta go into tonight too. Lets both hope that people are generous tonight and the competition isn't too rough! XOXO

  2. Crazy thought girls, but I was wondering: why is it that in strip-clubs girls don't share tips, like it's common and lawful in hospitality businesses?

    Of course it's always the same issue: you don't want to work your ass off (close to literally speaking here...) for the newbies who fuck up and get nothing, and share with them. But on the other day, that day where you fuck up or just can't standing hanging out with customers and smiling and you get shit tips, you still get an average reward that is pretty much the same, because you deserve it overall for your good services during your whole participation to the club.

    Though apparently really unusual in strip-clubs, I don't see how much different it would be. Just pre-screen and have a trial-day for newcomers, and you're OK. and then you can have your anxiety trips once in a while and be OK (don't push it too much though, as now people rely on you).

    Sorry about the anxiety thing, actually. A friend of mine has been having these for years. It's a bitch to deal with. Just can't stand to be around people when it kicks in, it's like he needs to hide in a shell.
    (the weird thing is, all the people I know who have a similar condition are sex-workers or involved with some or in very-sexually active families. Would be curious to see a research study on this to see stats).