Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tips for a Romatic Valentine's Day

1. Make your own valentine for her/him. Its not hard...just get some construction paper, markers and Elmers glue. If you wanna REALLY seal the deal, write her a short love letter or poem on it. Just make sure it expresses your personality.

2. Get an old shoebox, tape red construction paper all around the top and sides (or whatever color you prefer) and fill the box with favorite photographs, love letters, keepsakes from special occasions, movie tickets...etc.

3. Make an old skool CD of your favorite songs (don't forget to add the really cheesy, mushy songs for some laughs). Buy some Classic love movies or some of her all time favs and wrap them all together with red ribbon.

4. You can't go wrong with Jewelry. Its always a favorite. For the woman in your life, buy a heart-shaped locket and put a picture of yourself in it. Personalize the locket with her initialls so she’ll have something to wear that’s hers alone. It makes it extra special. Give it to her as shes getting dressed to go out to cant lose =)

5. Give her flowers. Not just a plain dozen of red roses. Try white roses....they mean eternal love and loyalty. Plus, they will look great on your counter all week and they will remind her how much you love her everytime she walks by.

6. I'm a big fan of this one: Make your honey's favorite dinner and serve it on a romantically set table and dine by candlelight on Valentine’s Day. Even if you are not a great cook or have never done it let me tell you- you are already WAY ahead of the game because at least u tried! Anyone can make a reservation for petes sake.

7. Give the man in your life a personalized gift for his favorite hobby. Your man loves Football? Buy him a new pigskin and deliver it to him topless =)

8. These days, just having time alone together is precious. Plan a romantic getaway. Even if its just spending the day lounging in the backyard together....

9. If you are planning on asking her to marry you (so cliche), then hide the engagement ring in a box of candy or in a flute filled with champagne. Dont overthink the proposal...your nerves will be going full speed as it is....just keep it simple...

10. If you want to propose at home(much better idea), sprinkle rose petals around the house. and light as many candles as you can to set the mood. You will know when the time is right =)



  1. Or just buy him some Shamwows. Who doesn't need one?

  2. I was wondering if the whole post was ironic... :)

    I did number 6 a few times, but not for valentine's day.

    flowers are always good. Personally I like roses (yes, I'm a guy who likes flowers. bugger off!), whether red, white, or even blue ones (much harder to find though...).

    usually, you can't go wrong if you have the 3 Fs: Food, Flowers and Fire (candles, chimney... whatever you were thinking of...)

    but the mix-CD... really? I mean, that's soooo 80s/90s.
    Oh alright, I did it, I admit. Like many people, but just to shy to say it. And it's a double-axe: she'll probably like it (if you don't pick up crap or insulting music...), but she can always use it against you, even just for fun, in front of friends, relatives, colleagues... "H.? oh, he just got me a mix-CD for Valentine's Day."... aaaannnd, you get the lame look from everybody.

  3. I love the shoebox idea. I'm definitely doing that one for my guy =)Thanx sweetie! =)

  4. @H- Well, for us, Vday is pretty private....its just a romantic evening we celebrate at home we never really get to the "OH! B got me ____ for Vday! With that said- I think the mixed CD is a great choice!! Yes, its very childlike, but also can be very VERY sweet and very reminiscent. =) Especially if you are a couple who has been together since those days.

  5. I am not a big vday girl but I am thinking about making a card or writing him a little love note this year