Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have a bad habit of getting bored and wanting to shop. There really isn't anything I need I just want to go spend the money. so so bad.

I just completely paid of my credit card and so now I feel like I "deserve" to spend 400 bucks shopping online! NOooooooo Natalie.

I keep telling myself that I should reward myself by not charging up my card again this month and therefore not having a bill to pay next month ..... lol

I am slowly getting better. All I have been doing is dosing up on NyQuil, sleeping and eating.

I am going to work Friday and Saturday, and I am actually pretty excited about it. My last shift was really good and maybe I am just tired of sitting around the house...either way, I'm happy to go and that's something that hasn't happened in a long long while.

Another thing I have been thinking about lately is my house decor. I cant stand it!!!!!!! We live in an old rental its not like I want to redo the entire fucking house but damn! You guys- I have bunny rabbit wallpaper in my kitchen. It makes me wanna puke every time I walk in there. B keeps promising that he will talk to the landlord about making some renovations and taking down the horrid wallpaper and putting a fresh coat of white down...but....i don't think he actually has. Brian's take on it is that I should be happy about the rent I am paying (only 825/month, which is CHEAP for where we live), and i should keep in mind that other than the few things that bother me, its a really gorgeous house in a perfect spot.

ugh. i dunno.

my woman instincts to re decorate are driving me crazy

when i was a kid i used to re arrange my room on a weekly basis.

NOW I feel like I'm living in a hippy house. I mean- i have a poster of bob Marley hanging in my kitchen still.

When I try to do small things to make myself happier like take down the bob Marley poster b will say "WTF wheres my poster?" He notices every time!!!! He had an old dusty Coors Light neon sign (no joke) hanging above my fireplace for the longest week when he was away on a trip, I took it down and hung some family pictures up instead...I thought about throwing the Coors light sign away but I could just hear him "@$#@%" Sooo, I put it underneath the couch for storage..... as soon as he got home he noticed right away, "wtf whatd u do with my sign??" i said "don't u think this picture of our family looks better?" i told him of course i didn't toss it it was under the couch and i said "damn u seem reeeeaally worried about that neon sign!" he said it reminds him of his childhood blah llha blah childhood drinking beer?! lol

I told him the next house we live in please please I must take control over the decorating...its my female right...and he said ok i can but i have to stop complaining about how we live now.


I'm picky I guess. but damn!!!!

I went on and they have soooooooooooooo many beautiful pictures of professionally designed rooms! Jealous!!!

One day I will have the home of my dreams and he will have an entire basement to hang his dusty old beer signs and plug in his Lava lamps. Ill be glad when I never have to look at them again!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my new Favorite websites: LOVE IT! Its like eating without the calories =) Another: this is a very popular food website that I have grown to love love lOVE. Its the first page I visit every morning after my email =)

OH! And I really need to start working out again. B got me a gift certificate to my favorite tanning salon so maybe I will go tan tomorrow before work.....really I think I would feel the best if I had been working out this whole time....

I just really cant get motivated! How does everyone else do it?

My main problem I think is I stay up late and sleep in. Today I woke up at 2 in the afternoon! Not good. But when I get home from work at 3 then I have to wind down and shower and everything it is probably 5 am my sleep gets all messed up. It was gorgeous out today too I should've just GOT UP and took a nice refreshing shower, thrown some clothes on and went for a walk! But I didn't so......blaahh.

Sorry about my randomness- I sometimes leave my blogger up all day and just write every so often when I feel the urge. I realize I can be a bit confusing if you don't know me personally (or even when you do know me personally hahahaaa!)

Right now my B is on the couch next to me sleeping with the fur babies all curled up next to him sleeping too. aww. I am grateful =)

Tonight we watched this crazy movie with Leonardo DiCaprio called "Body of Lies" Meh, its loooong and boring. I got on my laptop to tinker around and B fell asleep. So there ya go.

Tonight for dinner I made Asiago cheese and Bacon stuffed Pork Chops with sweet corn and white cheddar mashed potatoes mmmmmmmmmm. It was delicious!!!!! Every last crumb was enjoyed!! I shoulda took a picture it was so gorgeous looking!

(going back to my lazy non working out fat ass)

ok i am not a fat ass. but i LOOOOVE food. Im Italian, therefore, I spent more time in the kitchen growing up than most kids I hung out with. I loved it. I hate dieting and I will never stop eating pasta and cheese and wine and all the yummy things in life.

With that said I have to get serious about working out!! LOL. Especially since dancing around half naked is my job :P BOO!

THIS is terrible...

Poor Patrick Swayze is dying of cancer...
I know lots of people die of cancer everyday, and I feel for them also, but my heart just breaks seeing this photo of him.

Man I kind of wish I was at work right now....I feel like crap and I know I shouldn't be there but whenever I get a dash of motivation I feel like I should be using it! Instead of sitting here rambling on....


  1. I don't know if you ever watched full house but your comment about bunny wallpaper reminded me of an episode where they took down bunny wallpaper from Michelles room & framed one as a keepsake.

  2. yes I have totally seen that episode =) awww. Xcept with Michelle it was more of a sentimental keepsake to frame it, you know, to nkeep a touch of her childhood.....but for me its just plain UGLY!! LOL

  3. Haha, that Full House episode was great...I think Uncle Jesse was feeling how you're feeling now...Bunny Wallpaper is NOT for grown ups. Those websites you linked to, you know what they are, right? Food Porn!