Saturday, February 14, 2009


Work was better last night than it has been in a while for me. I wasnt scared to talk to people in the beginning of the night. My nerves were actually fairly good. It was probably the margarita I had =)

Towards the middlish-end of the night I was getting BORED and I was tired of being rejected so I kind of gave up. oh well.

Tonight I will just try not to get discouraged with all the "no thank yous" and the "maybe laters"

Actually....I felt like the more I hung out with guys and was in a good mood the faster the time went by =)

oh! My friend made a Valentines outfit for me!! She is an awesome designer/seamstress chick :) We took a picture of it and maybe I can post it for ya'll to look at later..... Go to her website and check out her stuff!!!!



  1. wait, do i know who you are? i must, right?

  2. You friend makes super cute stuff! Happy Valentines Day!! And good luck tonight sweetie! XOXO

  3. By the way I totally made a "love box" for my guy =) Hope he likes it! =)

  4. That's some pretty sweet stripper wear your friend makes. ;)