Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last night me and Brian hung out with some friends around a campfire.... :)

Something about late night fires really makes me feel so good about my life. It enlightens me ..... if that makes sense.... :)

Anyway....... I peeled off my fake nails. Gawd those things are hideous. My real nails are tender now but I have been nursing them with this protein shit. It just feels good to get the stripper off of me!

OH! And my legs (and other things :) are suppppper fuzzy right now because I am going to get waxed for the first time ever next week LOOOOLL What am I thinking?? I have no idea. I want smooth pretty skin and I am tired of shaving! B says it is going to hurt like HELL. I bet it willl but I will probably pop a Vicodin before going in there for sureeee!

Brian has been home for a while so thats always great! i LOVE when he is home for a few weeks...but then that means when he does go, he'll be gone a while...
BUT I am just going to enjoy having him here and not get to hung up on him leaving.

Today I took a nap in the hammock out back and I plan on doing the same tomorrow :)


  1. I think you can get topical numbing cream at the pharmacy, instead of vicodin. It will probably work better.

  2. De - stripper - izing is SOOO nice! I did it for two weeks when I was in Utah. I still haven't put my fake nails back on yet, and I haven't tanned in over a month! Screw it! =)