Wednesday, April 8, 2009

new day dawning

I am starting to feel much, much better :) Thanks for asking.
It's another gorgeous day out here! I love the lake and the park and everything about this town. I am incredibly lucky to be living the life that I am. Everything about last week just confirmed that to me!
Today I may go get my car washed (it needs it REALLY bad), and stop at the Library.
Any suggestions on books I should check out? I usually just go throught them for a few hours and come home with a stack of books that look good :) But suggestions would be cool.
I have noticed that most of my other favorite bloggers have taken breaks from posting as well......maybe the nice weather has gotten everyone outside?
Tonight is Carne Guisada taco night :) Carne Guisada is incredibly EASY authentic taco beef filling make from stew meat and spices and its gonna be yummy! Homeade tortillas too!

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  1. I feel like I'm stalking you, commenting on all these random posts at once, but what do you like to read? I didn't think it'd be my thing at first but I've been reading all the Phillipa Gregory books-they did a movie on one-The Other Boleyn Girl and all her books are in that time period, about life at court and all the sex and stuff that goes on. I just got in to them because they usually have them for really cheap at Target in the paperback section.