Friday, April 3, 2009


I slept on it last night. I cried all night. Not because of what happened really but more because.......this shit happens ALL THE TIME in strip clubs, Why did he feel the need to freak out and let loose in the office on my and get SO mad like that. It was really uncalled for and unprofessional. And really really mean. People tell me i am overly sensitive and whatever maybe i am...but holy cow.

I texted him this morning "Am I suspended for the rest of the weekend?"

he wrote back "Nope you have a meeting with my before work tonight"

WHAT THE FUCK. Why?! So he can humiliate me again? Upset me again? Make me cry right before my Friday night shift??? Thanks. I appreciate it.

Why cant he just leave it alone. Why does he feel the need to play my Dad and lecture me over what I did wrong. I am not one of your kids I dont need to be scolded like a child.

I know that I have a bad attitude at times and I am sorry. It is something I have been in trouble for all my life. I was always the girl that talked back or had to have the last word. I feel this is because I wasn't heard in my household growing up....I was the middle child with the big heart that nobody paid attention in some way i get very uncomfortable and defensive naturally towards people...i tend to want to prove that how they treated me was wrong.

And he is right in a certain sense because I should be more professional as well when dealing with issues that come up in the club. But I feel I would have more incentive to act appropriately towards these cocksuckers if I knew management would deal with them the right way.

But they never do and never will. They just tell the customer: "I am sorry for what happened, I will deal with that girl, enjoy your drink...better yet here's a ticket for a FREE drink"


But that's life I guess.

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  1. I say speak your mind. Some guys go to strip clubs to make themselves feel big.