Friday, January 30, 2009

Desperate women

So B went out to the bar last night with a friend to play some pool. When he got there a girl named Dana who he has known all his life was there also. She walked up to brian and said,"wheres natalie?" he says "shes out of town this week"......Im sure her eyes just twinkled at the THOUGHT.....

so they continued playing pool when she came over, sat on their table, and said "So are you buying my beer, or what?" Brian, who is always a gentlemen, said sure and to go ahead and put it on his tab.....

So later on when they were ready to go home Dana stumbled up to him (DRUNK) and asked if he could take her home. LOL. Brian said sorry he couldnt drive her home bc he already had to drop his friend off on his way. Brian offfered her 20 bucks for a cab, but she refused saying that she could pay for her own cab but really she just wanted to "talk" with an old friend.

Some girls might be upset by this- but I was completely impressed. My man had complete control over the situation all while still being nice and respectful.

Even though she was throwing herself at him, I think Brian handled the situation perfectly :)

I'm a lucky girl!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoo


  1. That's an excellent man that you have there, little lady =)A complete gentleman yet still perfectly loyal. Love it.

  2. I above all think Brian is a lucky man!

    I had close to identical situations myself, but still the mere fact that a girl would come on to me, whether I take notice of it or not, drives G. crazy.

    Depends on the day. Sometimes she doesn't give a crap and will hit on girls herself and bring them back to our table (kill me now...), and sometimes it looks like there's just no way for me to do the right thing, I'll loose eventually.
    Once I thought I handed the situation perfectly, and I got stopped by a fabulous "so, if we were not together, you'd go and fuck her?! -no -liar [BAM!]".
    hey, what are you gonna do, uh?

    Lucky, lucky Brian :)
    Lucky you to, for sure, not all guys would be that cool. But still, whatever people say, I don't think a vast majority of committed individuals would jump on the occasion anyway. Call me optimistic.

  3. @H: Ya you're right....I'd say most "normal" guys could see that the chick was sleazy and throwing herself at him...desperate!!