Saturday, January 24, 2009


Last night at work was ok. My friend D hooked me up with a super cool guy at the beginning of the night ..

at our locker downstairs she says " HEY! Theres a guy up there, his name is J, I told him I was sending you upstairs to say hello. He's kind of having a bad day so I know you can cheer him up"


I get up there and see a dude that fits the description she gave me..... I crouched down next to him with my hand on his back, smiled the best I could, and said "Hi are you John?" He looked noticably drunk, but a good drunk, could still hold a conversation. "Yep Im John"

We sat and laughed and talked for about 1, strangely I was even attracted to him. He had really great eyes. Very soulful, if that makes sense. He made me laugh and I made him laugh and never even asked him about his bad was great. I think its what we both needed and I found myself thinking about that connection we had allllllll night and into this morning (obviously)

It wasnt even a sexual connection so much. I mean DUUUUH there DEF was some sex chemistry. But Im a taken woman and it was probabbly bc I was half naked in front of him anyway BUT it waas something more. Like a weird emotional connection. It was like we had known each other in another life.

creepy....i know lol

So moral of the story....thank you D :)

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  1. Its so great when you get to dance for someone that your actually enjoy spending time with. Makes the job that much better. =)