Monday, January 26, 2009


If you know me personally (which there is only 1 person on my blog that I actually DO know personally) then you know I am a BIG foodie. I love food.

Well my sister is married to a mexican man (we are Italian) and has two little mexicana princess baby girls :)
So today I said, "lets make enchiladas for dinner tonight" My sister said "ok....BUT....its never gonna be the same as Lucas's grandma's so dont be offended" lol

I decided to go totally opposite of regular red chile enchiladas and I made Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas made with mild green chiles (the way my B loves it) it was DELICIOUS and everyone loved them. My sister ate two whole plates and said they were "different but very very good"

Score one for the Gringo :)

My friend told me that last night at the club was terrible. She walked with 10 bucks. Seriously. WTF. Our club has been sooooooo packed lately but for some reason nobody has been making money!!! They are all there to drink and "just hang out" and sit back and STARE for free. Even worse is that she says the DJ did not announce anything about private dances or tipping the girls or anything. LAME. Our DJ sucks.

Example: His booth is directly behind our main stage and there is a fog machine only on this stage (disgusting smelly nasty fog shoots out) welllllllll, we are all very suspicious bc he always has weird ppl hanging out in his booth and usually his nasty washed up wife too. Well, a couple months ago I noticed he would turn on the fog machine and get the room SUPER foggy so that he could take a hit from his CRACK PIPE real quick and nobody would notice bc of the immense amount of fog. Gross. What a loser. His wife too. Not to worry though- if I felt like at ANY time I was inhaling that shit.....I would tell someone (not that my managment gives a FUCK about what dancers say). Until then, I will ignore the stupid asshole and go on about my business. I dont wanna lose my job for "tattling" EVEN THOUGH umm its completely illegal and sick and disgusting what he does. He is always sooo SWEATYYY too. Thats the cocaine. yuck. We hate tipping him bc we know what an ss he is and we know exactly what the tip money will be spent on. ugh.

SOOOO glad to be away from that place for a bit.

changing the subject

The girls are upstairs taking their bath before bed right now and as soon as she gets out I told her I would paint her toes pink for her (shes only 4, so shes only allowed to paint her toes, not her fingers) :) So cute. Life is good.

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  1. I don't give a shit what he spends his money on. I don't like tipping him because he is a dick and doesn't do his job, and because he makes more than us anyway.

    And BTW you may want to put an explicit content warning on your blog, since you are using the f word and whatnot.