Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I got up and worked out this morning again.... well I tried anyway.

I got about 4 minutes into my workout and SERIOUSLY I was already feeling winded. I thought I was in pretty good shape from stripping but nooooooooooo way.

OK so 4 minutes in and I'm huffing and puffing....the fat girls in the video are barely sweating WTF.

Im trying as hard as I can and frankly I think I am doing pretty good bc I was semi-keeping up and pushing myself


B walks in the door and says " Those girls are kicking their leg out way further it better."


I'm the one TRYING here. Support me don't discourage me!! I started crying of course bc my feelers were hurt and I was in pain and just felt likw crying. THEN his tune changed. He said
"im sorry honey, you are doing great, I just want you to get the max workout for your effort"

Yeah whatever.... ugh

He messed up and said a stupid thing and it totally ruined my workout for the day!!! Or maybe I am the one that ruined it for myself by letting him get me down.

Tomorrow I shall try again



  1. Ouch, we do tend to say a lot of crap when we're not thinking >.<

    I must apologize on my genders behalf. :(

  2. yeah we are dumbasses. we just don't think that what we think as secondary implications. But hey, that's because we don't mean them at first either, so why do you keep looking for them??! :)

    but I'll give you that, men are slow-learners. We *know* sometimes we should shut the fck up and know better, and yet we still ramble and then we have that "oh-oh" moment when it comes back to bite us in the ass, think it over and realize "aaaaaah, that's what she got from it... *thinks of something, thinks harder... gives up, nevermind, I'm screwed, try to dodge the bullet not. duck and move, duck and move, and ruuuunnn...*"

  3. LOL. Bah! At lest it keeps things interesting