Friday, January 16, 2009

ok....maybe I'm NOT over it

I just cant help but feel sad for him. I want my brother to live a happy healthy life full of laughter and great friends and someone he truly loves.

But its never gonna happen at the rate hes going

Ppl say "he'll grow out of it" I bet he doesn't.

I bought my ticket to pheonix to go see my sister and the kids for a week. It will be so great to see her I CANNOT even wait. Shes my BFF :) And the kids fill my soul, and my soul has been emptying slowly lately due to my SELFISH brother.

Made Cheesy Manicotti for dinner w/ homeade garlic rolls. It was delish...B said it was one of the best dinners I have made :) Succcesss!

I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I sure hope my shifts are decent!!!!!! Lately its been at least one horrible shift a week. Whats up with that shit anyway??

Annyway sorry I know Im jumping around subjects- but I think being with my sister will bring lots of much needed girl talk/family talk/ brother discussing therefore clearing my brain a tad of all the bullshit that has been clouding it up

At least my home life is good. me and B are as happy as ever and I love my life and my dogs and my everything......Just slight family crap that it starting to creep up and put a stink in things GRRRR

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  1. When you coming to town? (PHX?) I'm moving from here first week of Feb lol. And about brothers... it's hard to see them doing things that aren't exactly what we would wish for them to be doing.

    All we can do is hope they do 'grow' out of it, if it's possible. If not, you either have to decide to stick around and tough it out, or back away and ignore it. :/