Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gimme my chair BITCH

I get to work last night, baaarely make it to my locker to set all my shit down and Alabama says "DUDE there were drug dogs in here last night going through locker" Freaking out.

Afew hours later I am up in the VIP with S and I see her sitting a few tables over with a regular. OMG she's STILL talking about the dogs!!!!! lol

At the end of the night after Platter when we are all walking downstairs, she is in front of me talking to Nicole saying "ooh shit dude omg what about the dogs?? im freaking out" Nicole lookede VERY irritated.

Bama- don't make yourself so obvious. Seriously. Everyone knows you had coke in your locker and bag and up your nose. Its ok. Just ditch it and SHUT THE FUCK UP about it. Nobody cares.


I sat in the vip with S last night, who frankly, I'M FUCKING SICK OF. He can be really cool but I nooooooooooooot worth it anymore. We talked a bit about my brother and he told me some really nice, sweet things and gave me really good advice BUT ugh I dunno. He can be SO disrespectful and Cool at the same time!! I guess it comes down tot how much money he is giving me. Which, with the way my club has been lately, its pretty good for a shift. So I only have to see him once a week, sometimes once every 2 weeks, so I'll hang in there

J texted me- "Hey babe, I hope you have a great weekend!!!!" Soooooo I guess that means hes NOT coming in this weekend?? I cant be greedy and expect him to give me that much money weekly and regulary?? or can i? Either way, Ill give him a week off but next weekend he owes me bc Im going to Pheonix and I need $$$$$$$$$$$$ :) Im a greedy bitch sometimes.

When we get downtairs after platter to get ready to go me and my locker corner (me, and 3 other girls plus kendra and sometimes Crissy lol) all grab chairs and sit in front of our lockers and talk, get dressed, count money blah blah. Last night I was grouchy and tired. I pulled my chair up to my locker then decided to go get some soup from the housemom. I said "Hey nobody take my chair K? Ill be RIGHT back bitches" ok seriously, 4 seconds later I come back and this stupid BITCH who, get this, has two neon orange star tatoos AROUND both of her nipples ANNNND a "Made in Malaysia" tattoo on her ASS, is sitting in my fucking chair counting her money. BITCH. So I said louddly, "THANKS ALOT BITCH I'm not feelin great and I asked nobody to take my chair!!!!!" She pretended like sh didnt hear me and all my friends lol were loike "Here babe sit in my chair/share with me/lemme go get you another chair" LOL I love my girls.......The Angelica leaned ove to me and said "I will roll that bitch and we'll get your fucking chair" Paris said"We'll fuck her up dude that was fucked up" LOL and poor V said
"Uh I didnt even hear you lololololo"

The moral of this story is hahhahahaaaaaaa We are mean. Well\, I am mean. I got super upset over a DISGUSTING old strip club blue fucking makeup chair. My friends were ready to jump her. hahahaaa.

Either way, I wanted my damn chair! so childish

Then I cried on my drive home bc I was sad about my brother. I actually yelled out loud in my car what I would've said to him". I probably looked funny but, for me, it really helped get o9ut my aggression and stresses.....ugh.

B woke up and sat with me while I scarfed down a lean cuisine. I was crying and eating all at once and he sat next to me rubbing my back. HES AMAZING. I'm so lucky. He turned my shower on for me and said "leave ur plate there, Ill get it" So I set my dinner plate in the coffee table and got into the shower, and then fell asleep HARD.

No regulars coming in tonight. I am going to try to keep a bright smile on my face and an open mind.... hopefully it brings the $$$$

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  1. I think people who don't know you will be very confused by this blog.